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as it is » 6th june 2006

6th june 2006

Blogged by phill as soundscape of the day, binaural [please use headphones] — phill Tue 6 Jun 2006 10:44 pm

in the underground deer shelter at the yorkshire sculpture park, bretton hall, near wakefield, visiting an installation by “light-artist” james turrel.

the installation was beautiful transcendent stuff, but i was fascinated by an aspect probably unintended by mr turrel—ie the soundscape [as you’d imagine, maybe]. the shape of the interior of the deer shelter [square, with walls which slope inwards towards the bottom] and the hard materials of which it is built, make for extremely reverberant acoustics, where all sound is very interestingly transformed, so even the crows flying overhead [heard through a hole in the roof, through which a section of sky is revealed] end up sounding electronically treated.

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