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as it is » 6th february 2006

6th february 2006

Blogged by phill as soundscape of the day, binaural [please use headphones] — phill Mon 6 Feb 2006 11:02 pm

windy room, 5am

here’s a recording of a place i visit frequently: a hidden soundscape gem in the centre of leeds, the underground carpark of the entertainment & shopping centre known as the light.

there are dozens of air-vents (at least, that’s what i think they are) in the low ceiling, each emitting variations on this angelic sound. i wonder whether the architects consciously incorporated sound into the design of the building—and how many of the regular users of the carpark even notice the angels in the airvents.

i’ve made several recordings of this space over the past couple of years, but thought it was about time i did a binaural version. of course, a stereo recording will never be able to fully capture the immersive effect of such an installation, but maybe, listened to on headphones, this might go some way towards that.

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