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as it is » 26th december 2005

26th december 2005

Blogged by phill as soundscape of the day, speaker compatible — phill Mon 26 Dec 2005 11:59 pm

kitchen sink

our kitchen sink has been making some strange sounds recently. well, maybe the sounds themselves are not so strange [just yer average plughole sounds, really], but the “compositional structure” has been quite unusual and forceful. running even the tiniest amount of water down the plughole has been resulting in the type of music you hear here.

coincidentally, as i was making this recording, the first snow of christmas began to fall outside.

not by coincidence, a couple of hours later, the kitchen floor was flooded with water.

i am not a plumber [as you can probably tell]. if i was, i’m sure i would hear these sounds very differently.

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